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Gdynia 2006 Invitation

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The Exhibition "Maritime Moods" in Gdynia Music Theatre, 2-7 April 2006.

The Association for the Promotion of Pomeranian Artists ERA-ART in Gdynia invites you to the exhibition of painting and unique fabric entitled "Maritime Moods". This is the second exhibition organised together with the Maritime Station at Hel of the University of Gdańsk.
The first, entitled " The Fauna and Flora of the Baltic Sea," took place in Bonn on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of ASCOBANS. "Maritime Moods" will be an added attraction at the international conference propagating the protection of the sea, organised by the European Cetacean Society in Gdynia between 2-7 April 2006 in the foyer of the Music Theatre. We will have the opportunity to see the works of such artists as Daria Sołtan-Krzyżyńska, Magdalena Hanysz-Stefańska, Janina Karczewska, Barbara Konarska, Katarzyna Konieczna, Wojciech Kostiuk, Ewa Łukiewska, Karolina Sprung-Zalewska and Krystyna Wantuch.

All are welcome.

The Association for the Promotion of Pomeranian Artists ERA-ART 81-437 GDYNIA
ul. Wojewódzka 7
tel./fax (48 58) 622 33 11

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