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Gdynia 2006 Invitation

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Conference guide

The 2006 Conference has one extra day, which means 4 days of verbal and poster presentations!

Venue: the plenary sessions, poster sessions and workshops 2 (Climate Change and Cetaceans in Coastal Ecosystem: Past, Present and Future) and 5 (Electrophysiological Measures of Hearing in Marine Mammals) will take place in the Music Theatre of Danuta Baduszkowa, Plac Grunwaldzki 1, 81-372 Gdynia. tel. +48 58 620 95 21, sekretariat@teatrmuzyczny.gdynia.pl ( see A on the map)
Workshops 1 (Age determination in Marine Mammals), 3 (The second ECS workshop on cetacean pathology: dissection techniques and tissue sampling) and 4 (Static acoustic monitoring of odontocetes: current issues and developments) will be held in an Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdansk, Al. Piłsudskiego 46, 81-378 Gdynia, tel. +48 58 660 16 00 (U on the map )

Registration: registration desk will be open at the Music Theatre from 14:00 till 18:00 on Sunday, April 2nd and then from 8:00 on Monday, April 3rd. All participants are invited to check-in and get their conference material. Only cash money will be accepted for on-site payment.

Verbal presentation: 15 min talk + 5 min for discussion are available, please try to keep to your schedule. A speaker-ready room will allow speakers to make final amendments to their presentations. The presentation must be given to the session chair on CD or memory stick at the beginning of the preceding half day (preferably the day before !). All authors presenting their talks on Monday 3rd April - the first conference day - are kindly asked to give their presentations to the reception desk on Sunday, 2nd April from 14.00 till 18.00.

Posters presentation: posters (best format 70cmx100cm, max. 100cmx130cm) can be on display from Monday morning to Thursday (17:00). Posters stands will be made of cardboard so you can use adhesive tape or pins available in the poster hall and at the reception desk. Authors are requested to stand by their posters during the poster sessions. The numbers of the posters will be presented on the stands to help the authors identify the right location.

Internet centre: free access for participants and journalists will be available at the Music Theatre. 10 computers will be for your disposal in the internet room and wireless (WiFi) internet access in the main conference room and a foyer. Internet access will be available during the whole conference starting from Monday 3rd April. Information needed for wireless access will be given at the beginning of the conference.

Coffee/tea breaks: 30 min long coffee/tea breaks will be arranged every morning and every afternoon during the conference. Hot drinks, refreshments and snacks will be offered. Out of these breaks a bar will be open at a foyer during the conference.

Lunch breaks: there are several restaurants, bars and cafeterias available in the vicinity of the Theatre (most in Świętojańska Street). You can find a full list of them on the conference webpage www.ecs2006gdynia.univ.gda.pl Alternatively a bar in the Theatre will serve warm and cold modest meals for a very reasonable price. Icebreaker: Sunday, April 2nd. Restaurant "Kapitan Cook", Skwer Kościuszki Str., Gdynia. Start - 20:00. All are invited !

Video night: Tuesday, April 4th - video session will be arranged in the Music Theatre. The session will be open to the public. Start - 20:00

Unveiling of a harbour porpoise statue: Wednesday, April 5th Skwer Koœciuszki / Al. Zjednoczenia, Gdynia at 18:00. This is a special event on the occasion of the 80 years of the Gdynia City and to celebrate the 20th Conference of the European Cetacean Society in Gdynia. All participants are invited to this spectacular event !

20th ECS Anniversary Reception: Wednesday, April 5th. Restaurant "COCO" (in Gemini), Skwer Kościuszki str., Gdynia. Start - 20:00 Continuation of the anniversary celebration in a nice COCO club atmosphere with a little taste of great ECS history enriched with a taste of excellent food and drinks.

Conference banquet: Thursday, April 6th . Restaurant "Pan Tadeusz", Chwaszczyno, Waska Str. 1. The banquet will start at 20:30 and the dancing at 23:00. We offer you an investigations of the diversity of the Polish traditional cuisine. Buses will departure for the banquet at 20:00 and for the dancing at 22:30 from a car park situated between the Music Theatre and the seaside (B on the map). Buses will be available for the way back from 23:00 to 04:00 every hour (depending on the number of people eager to come back !). Banquet tickets (30Euro) are still available at the conference desk.

Have a nice time in Poland !
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