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Gdynia 2006 Invitation

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ECS guidelines for posters preparation.

Size: Posters can be up to a maximum of 100cm wide and 130cm high (A0 or B1 format preferred).

Poster must include a photo of the PRESENTING author (with surname) at the top left corner.

Attachment: Posters stands are made of the cardboard so posters will be hung using pins or scotch tape, provided by the conference organizers.

Putting up and taking down posters: Posters can be hung on Monday morning only (the poster room will not be available on Sunday afternoon during registration). They must be taken down after the last coffee break on Thursday afternoon.

Lettering: Given the large number of posters, it is important that you pay attention to ensuring that your message comes across clearly. In particular, give prominence to:

(1) The title (We would suggest lettering not less than 96pt)
(2) The conclusions (We would suggest lettering not less than 72 point).
(3) A picture of yourself (so that people can recognise you!)

No lettering should really be less than 36pt if you want people to read it!

Photos: Whilst one of the advantages of a poster is that it allows you to include considerably more data and more complex tables than in an oral presentation, remember not to overdo it - in particular, graphs and figures are more effective ways of conveying information than either tables or large chunks of text. Photographs are an excellent way of drawing attention to your poster but don't let your artistic tendencies get carried away at the expense of your scientific message.

Copies: Authors are also encouraged to bring prints of their poster in black and white (A4 format) to be distributed to interested colleagues. Make sure that you bring enough prints as no printer will be available in the exhibition centre.

Poster SLIDE:
Since 2003, authors presenting posters are invited to prepare one PowerPoint slide to be presented by a chairman during a specific 'poster slides session' between two talk sessions. This will allow the whole audience to read the title of your presentation and a summary of your main results.

Please be aware that this slide won't be presented by yourself, but by the chairman of the current session. About half a minute will probably be given to each poster, so please restrain yourself to the main points! We suggest that your slide gives the title, names of authors and a summary of the main results + conclusion.

Given the need to move promptly from one slide to the next, there will only be one computer used. That computer will be set up with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. It can read all earlier versions of PowerPoint and has a number of 'translators' for other similar programs (please check with the organisers mailto:oceik@univ.gda.pl if your program is compatible).

Please send us your slide by email (mailto:oceik@univ.gda.pl by 25 MARCH so that we can prepare the slide session in advance.

Thank you for your co-operation !

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