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Gdynia 2006 Invitation

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Workshops associated to the 20th Annual ECS Conference in Gdynia

Title: Climate Change and Cetaceans in Coastal Ecosystem: Past, Present and Future

Date: Sunday, 2nd April

Time and place: The workshop will be a full day 09:00-17:00h at the Conference Centre (Music Theatre, Gdynia)

Organising Committee:
Colin MacLeod1, Jennifer Learmonth1, John Harwood2, Graham Pierce1.
1School of Biological Sciences (Zoology), University of Aberdeen, Tillydrone Avenue, Aberdeen, AB24 2TZ, UK
2Sea Mammal Research Unit, Gatty Marine Laboratory, University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, UK.

Contact Email:c.d.macleod@abdn.ac.uk

Max. attendance: 50 people

Workshop Overview: Climate change is currently recognised as one of the greatest threats to biodiversity and to individual species. Around north-west Europe, sea surface temperatures have risen at a rate of up to 1degree per decade since the 1980s, and this rise in sea temperature is predicted to continue into the foreseeable future. However, to date there have been few specific studies directed at examining the effects of climate change on cetaceans, and on the effectiveness of conservation measures commonly used to protect cetaceans to deal with the likely effects of climate change. The aim of this workshop is to remedy this situation, by encouraging research into the effects of climate change on cetaceans and their conservation. This workshop will review what is currently known about the potential effects of climate change on marine mammals, concentrating on coastal cetaceans, and examine specific case studies linking climate change to effects on cetaceans. In addition, it will discuss the requirements for long-term, integrated datasets to identify the effects of climate change on cetaceans and the need to use models to predict likely impacts on cetaceans under different climate change scenarios. Finally, this workshop will examine how the effects of climate change may affect the ability of conservation measures, such as marine protected areas, to conserve coastal cetacean populations. The workshop will consist of a number of invited talks, submitted presentations and a discussion session.

Registration: A maximum of 50 people can attend, so pre-registration is advised. The workshop will cost 20 Euros. This amount will cover costs of the workshop, coffee (10 Euro) and the cost of offsetting the carbon emissions associated with holding this workshop (10 Euro). Attendees will be expected to make their own arrangements for lunch. This will be the first climate neutral cetacean meeting held in Europe and will hopefully encourage other cetacean meetings to follow a more climate neutral approach. To register, please email: c.d.macleod@abdn.ac.uk (with the subject line "ECS climate change workshop").

Call for abstracts: Submissions for this workshop on any subject associated with climate change and cetaceans will be considered for inclusion of this workshop. Potential subjects for presentations include observed or predicted species distribution, effects of changes of prey on cetaceans, physiological affects of changes in temperature, changes in parasite/disease prevalence with changes in temperature, implications for isolated populations and implications for population dynamics. Other subjects are also welcome. If you are interested, please email your abstract (300 words max and following standard ECS guidelines) to c.d.macleod@abdn.ac.uk by 14th February 2006. A decision on abstract acceptance will be made by 28th February 2006.

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