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Gdynia 2006 Invitation

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Workshops associated to the 20th Annual ECS Conference in Gdynia

Title: The second ECS workshop on cetacean pathology: dissection techniques and tissue sampling.

Date: Sunday, 2nd April

Time and place: The workshop will be held at the Institute of Oceanography, University of Gdansk (Pi³sudskiego 46) - only 15 min. walk away from the conference venue.

Fee: 10 Euros

Organizers: Paul Jepson, Manuel Garcia Hartmann, Thierry Jauniaux (t.jauniaux@ulg.ac.be)

Max. attendance: 20 people

Registration: To register and to know more details please contact the organizers.

The aim of the workshop will be to review and update the first European Cetacean Society workshop on cetacean pathology: dissection techniques and tissue sampling published by Kuiken, T. and García Hartmann, M. (1991, Proceedings of the ECS Newsletter, No. 17, special issue).

It is 15 years since the first ECS Cetacean Necropsy Protocol was developed (Kuiken & Hartmann 1991). At the 2005 ECS Stranding Networks Workshop in La Rochelle there was general concensus that a dedicated meeting to discuss/update the 1991 ECS Cetacean Necropsy Protocol would be beneficial. The 2006 ECS meeting in Poland was suggested as a possible venue for this meeting.

In addition, other cetacean necropsy protocols (e.g. the new Geraci and Lounsbury "Marine Mammals Ashore: a field guide for strandings") have recently been published. Finally, new diseases/pathological conditions have been described since the first ECS necropsy protocol was developed and many research activities now require tissue samples to be collected and preserved from stranded cetaceans using newer techniques.

  • To illustrate the role of necropsy and tissue sampling in pathological, toxicological, biological studies of cetaceans
  • To discuss newer techniques and protocols for the necropsy of cetaceans
  • To discuss and update (if necessary) the current ECS cetacean necropsy protocol (developed in 1991)

The workshop co-ordinators welcome offers of short (15min) presentations on any aspect of cetacean necropsies, including the results of pathological investigations of cetaceans.

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