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Gdynia 2006 Invitation

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Workshops associated to the 20th Annual ECS Conference in Gdynia

Title: Electrophysiological Measures of Hearing in Marine Mammals

Date: Sunday, 2nd April

Time and place: The whole day workshop will be held at the Conference Centre (Music Theatre, Gdynia)

Organizers: Michel Andre (Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain) and Paul Nachtigall (Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, USA)

Max. attendance: 100 people

Registration: For those wishing to attend or offer a talk at this workshop, please contact Michel André (michel.andre@upc.edu) or Paul Nachtigall (nachtiga@hawaii.edu). There is limited space available and attendance will be on a first come, first serve basis, so you should contact us soon to reserve a place. The deadline for offers of talks is 1st March. A programme will be posted to attendees by 18th March, by which time all applications to attend should be received.

Background and objectives: Non invasive electrophysiological methods allow the assessment of hearing of any particular marine mammal to determine, through the analysis of the audiogram, its capacities to correctly use its habitat. This workshop aims to present and discuss the latest electrophysiological techniques to measure hearing in marine mammals. The morning session will be devoted to cetaceans while the afternoon will discuss the use of this technique on pinnipeds.

08:45 - Registration

09:00- Alexander Supin - Measuring the Hearing of Cetaceans Polar Bears and Pinnipeds
09:30- Eric Delory - A portable evoked potentials unit for rapid auditory screening of aquatic mammals
10:00- Kristen Taylor - A portable AEP hearing measurement unit Hawaii Lab

10:30 -

11:00- Klaus Lucke - Measuring hearing of cetaceans and pinnipeds
11:30- Michel André - Monitoring cetacean sonar functionality on stranding sites
12:00- Paul Nachtigall - Auditory Evoked Potential Measurement Methodology for Odontocetes and a Comparison of Measured Thresholds With Those Obtained With Psychophysical Techniques
12:30- Discussion

13:00 -

14:00- Aran Mooney - Measuring the hearing of a variety of species modulation rate transfer functions
14:30- Colleen Reichmuth Kastak - Measuring the Hearing of pinnipeds using AEP
15:00- David Thompson - Proposed testing of the hearing of wild grey seals

15:30 -

16:00-18:00 Discussion and Conclusions


Alexander Ya Supin
Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Eric Delory
Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

Kristen Taylor
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, USA

Klaus Lucke
University of Kiel, Germany

Michel André
Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

Paul Nachtigall
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, USA

Aran Mooney
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, USA

Colleen Reichmuth Kastak
University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

David Thompson
Sea Mammal Research Unit, St Andrews, UK

The ECS 20th Annual Conference is hosted by the Hel Marine Station, University of Gdansk. The general theme of the conference is: "Marine Mammals and Man in Coastal Ecosystems: Can They Co-exist?". For further information, please visit the ECS website (http://www.broekemaweb.nl/ecs/).

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